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 representing consumer and employees in new york

Our firm represents consumers and employees in New York and New Jersey

We focus in the areas of wage and hour disputes (minimum wage, overtime, non-payment, late payments), harassment, discrimination, terminations, pre-termination situations (when you suspect that you are about to be fired), employment contracts, evaluation of job interviews, and others.

We also represent consumers in debt collection against debt collectors and against other companies that take advantage of their customers.

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Our firm has represented dozens of clients in the employment and consumer-protection cases.  Many of our cases resolve quickly with clients satisfied with the resolution.  If an opponents are unreasonable, however, we litigate our cases to the end to hold companies liable to the full extent.



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"If you need results – this is the lawyer you should call! Mr. Hymowitz handled several cases for me in court, as well as represented me in numerous commercial and personal negotiations. I have greatly benefited from his advice as to the course of action to pursue, as well as to the details of contracts that I would not be able to think of myself. He had my best interests in mind and only advised to take such actions as would maximize returns while minimizing legal expenses."

Philip G.

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"My experience with Hymowitz Law Group, LLC was great. They took take of my case quickly and effectively. Hymowitz Law Group was there by my side with every process and helped me with all important information that I needed to acquire. I would recommend Hymowitz Law Group to anyone that needs help with any situation. Hymowitz Law Group LLC are very experienced lawyers and will get you quick results. I was very pleased with my experience with Hymowitz Law Group LLC. and I am positive that you will be pleased with them also."

Vitalia F.
Generally yes, especially when it concerns minimum wage and overtime violations. However, whether you are entitled to protection depends on your specific situation.
This really depends on your situation. While some terminations may be perfectly legitimate, many other terminations may violate the law. Acting quickly, while you still employed, may save your job, or at least prepare the ground for a future legal action. In any event, try to collect all documents such as policies, evaluations, write-ups, pay stubs, etc. while you are still employed.
This is not a simple question. You are in the best position to know what your employer/boss may do if you speak up. In general, you should know that if your employer terminates you for formally complaining about employment-related violation, the employer may be liable for retaliation, as well as for the underlying violation.
Generally, no, unless you have a disability and your working from home is a reasonable accommodation. But even if you do not have a disability, your employer can accommodate your request.
These papers are designed to protect the employer. In this situation, you may have an age discrimination claim, although not necessarily. If you sign the papers, you waive your discrimination claim.
A: Technically, this is a violation of the law. Moreover, if your employer retaliates against you for bringing a legal action, or even complaining, that would be illegal. However, if your situation is acceptable, we discourage our clients from unnecessary litigation.
Yes, in New York City and some other places, employers are prohibited to discriminate against you because you are unemployed. The employers may consider the reasons why you are unemployed.


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